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    Originally posted by carlosii View Post
    Elkie and all you other folks honkin' at me, i would point out that i am on every page of this wild-eyed, speculative, no-end-in-sight thread.
    as for filling tags, well, i won't relate my experience so as to cause depression amongst the natives.

    i must add that i have added another shooter shirt to my wardrobe and expect to be the envy of Geezerdom come January at the Geezerfest.
    Is it a baby blue color shirt? You know the one like the pills.


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      SONNNNY --- Y'all mean ta tell me you don't know what "Depends" are ??? C-Mon Man !!! Ain't ya never heared a senior citizen "leaks" ???

      Yeah, I thought we had a Geezermans agreement hear last year not ta hijack Mikes threads no more, cause their all serious, edjicational, and infermation ones.

      Don't need a sponsor ta win a special buckle if'n there is gonna be one --- As for a bow, I'm kinda biased tordes independency next year.

      A NEW "Martin Gurl" ??? I know one thing fer sure it ain't gonna be my wife she shoots a Bowtech Equalizer n' y'all couldn't pry it otta her hands with a crowbar.


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        Originally posted by 3rdplace View Post
        Is it a baby blue color shirt? You know the one like the pills.
        Blue? Pill? Since when they'd make them funny cigarettes in pill form? And why blue? Preservatives do that?