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    Since no one is asking or saying much, the Rob though he would break the ice with a topic not talked about much
    Anchor points. Yes, everyone knows that having a consistent anchor point is critical to accurate shooting. But what is the best anchor point? Well, like many things in Archery, it depends. It depends on your face structure, shoulder mobility, and draw length. Sure you can force yourself to anchor like such-and-such pro archer does, but if itís unnatural to do so, it wonít be comfortable and more importantly it wonít be repeatable. Let your body tell you where your anchor points are.

    Up close to a large blank target, draw your bow and feel where your hand touches your face naturally. Where do you have bone-to-bone contact? Is the string touching your nose or face? Those are your natural anchor points that will quickly be engrained and help you along the path to becoming the very best archer you can be.