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Bare shaft tuning / grip pressure

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  • Bare shaft tuning / grip pressure

    Please forgive me, but I'm a French tuning fan. Center shot the best it can be, then play with the rest or nocking point to see if groups can be tightened.

    Okay, I can understand bare shaft tuning to a degree. But explain why grip pressure is needed to make a bow bare shaft tune properly...if that's the case.

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    Sorry Sonny. I don't try bare shaft tuning. I use a combination of French tuning and walk back.
    As to the heart of your question, grip pressure as it relates to proper tuning, I would expect the importance of consistent grip pressure impacts any form of tuning.


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      I R "fishing," Carlos Yes, I truly believe consistency is of key importance. "Strangling" the riser grip to make a bow shoot bare shafts with fletched arrows is nuts.