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How are state qualifiers to be allocated?

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  • How are state qualifiers to be allocated?

    Already have in my head how Qualifiers are to be allocated, but would like a full run down. I mean, I thought all clubs wanting a Qualifier were taken care first and only then would a club be allowed a second Qualifier.

    Got it laid on me again. It was laid on me first hand, not hearsay. I don't know all the details, but seems one club was denied a shoot date for a Qualifier and another club not only got the shoot date in question, but also got a second Qualifier. So it doesn't look good on paper and right to the point that if known sooner we'd have one less Qualifier. And this same club who got the two Qualifiers this year also got two Qualifiers last year. So more that doesn't look good.

    Asked my Area Rep and he had heard and doesn't know why things happened as they did.

    I am not worried about shooting X number of Qualifiers. I done made up my mind I'm not dropping that kind of money to attend 6 or more Qualifiers to be in the running for SOY (thought it was 3 at one time). If I shoot one Qualifier and qualify then I won't shoot another. I can shoot 3D closer to home for a whole lot less.

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    Just call Dee and ask him.