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    Mike said the target list for LA is in the tour guide. Can't find my copy, can someone please post the target list for LA for me please? Thanks

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    Its supposed to be the same as florida.....except a black bear not a cinn bear.....
    The blesbok
    Corsicon ram

    Are think are the swaps....I know the top 2 I said are....if no one answers before I get home ill lecha know


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      Here is what is in the tour guide:

      McKenzie Targets - Title Sponsor and Official Targets of the ASA Tour: We are very proud and pleased to be continuing with McKenzie Targets as the exclusive 3-D targets of the ASA. Their commitment to our sport and their tradition of innovation and quality makes them the leader in 3-D competition targets. There will be a standard group of seventeen (17) targets and a rotation of three (3) targets at this year’s Pro/Am competitions.
      These 17 targets will be on all ranges in 2012:

      Grazing Deer Large Alert Deer Large Sneak Deer Pronghorn Antelope Mule Deer
      Russian Boar Medium Deer Bedded Deer Large Deer Wolf
      Mountain Lion Warthog Leopard Hyena Javelina
      Coyote Wild Boar

      These 3 targets will be in FL, LA, KY & the Classic: Impala, Blesbok, and Med. Black Bear

      These 3 targets will be in GA, TX & IL: Chamois, Corsican Sheep, and Black Buck

      2013 McKenzie Pro/Am Target Sales - Richard Pintcke with Outback Sports will be handling the orders on behalf of McKenzie for the ranges at the ASA Tournaments in 2013. Dick will be at each Pro/Am handling the Hoyt, Easton, & Delta-McKenzie. To reserve a range you may contact Dick at 859-582-8661 or email Dick at

      Thank you,

      ASA Office