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    Do you have to shoot the same class at the national level that you do at the state level. I have been told that because I have on a state championship and/or SOY state level I need to move up at the state level (women K45 )but can shoot my current level (women k40) at the national level, is this true?

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    This is a good question for the Federation director.
    My guess is if you won your ASA state championship and was SOY in your state you'd be required to shoot that class at the Pro Am.
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      It depends. If you win a State Championship in a well-attended class and have been winning all year (SOY) then you should move up at the state level even though you haven't won your way out nationally if you regularly attend Pro/Am events. If you go to one Pro/Am you probably won't win out nationally. If you attend one Pro/Am a year and place in the top 3 or 5 consistently you WILL get moved out at the National level. The rules state that:

      ASA club and area representatives and state directors have the authority and responsibility to assign a registered shooter to a higher competition class based on knowledge of the competitorís prior archery performance or experience, or the individualís established competition level in another organization. ASA Pro/Am and Federation earnings (if known) will be considered.

      Bow Novice and K40 are the only classes that someone may be moved out of during a year, but at the end of the year anyone who wins a championship or SOY should probably move up unless their class is so lightly attended that there is NO competition. This calls for using a bit of common sense.