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Changes to Shooting Times for Augusta

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  • Changes to Shooting Times for Augusta

    Shooting Times: With the attendance increases we have seen this year we are making adjustments in class shooting times in Augusta. All of the Known 45, Open B, Open C, Hunter, Bow Novice and all the male High School & Middle School classes will be shooting on Saturday at 7:30am and at 3:00pm. Please note that all of these listed classes are eligible to shoot their 3:00pm Saturday round on Friday at 4:00pm. We will be maintaining this schedule for all these classes for Kentucky and Illinois.
    All Saturday morning and Sunday morning start times will be at 7:30am for the remainder of the year.
    Thank you,

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    I understand the need but just had a question, why the same classes at all 3 of the shoots?


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      Good question. If you look at the classes that shoot at 7:30am on Saturday they generally have three things in common:
      1 - They are male classes that have are for ages below 50.
      2 - They shoot known distance for at least one round.
      3 - The adult male classes average over 100 shooters (which means that some of them will "roll" to those times anyway.

      In the summer events last year we also had the thirty yard female classes at those times. We will also conduct a special Team Shoot for all the 30 yard youth classes that are affected on Sunday, and make sure we open the LimbSaver for the 40 yard youth and all adult classes to shoot.

      Hope this helps. We try not to be totally random but it seems that some people are convinced we only do this to punish them personally.

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        A few people shooting Bow Novice have gotten their cards in the mail with shooting times of Saturday and Sunday... Are all Bow Novice shooting on Saturday only, or are some shooting Saturday/Sunday? Just wanted to double check. Thanks!!!


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          We assigned a handful to the Sat/Sun times to see if we can accommodate everyone without going 6 to the stake. Ironically enough several have called and asked to shoot the Friday / Saturday rotation so wish us luck.