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  • 2015 Targets

    Is there any solid information that can be shared about the 2015 target list yet? I'd like to move forward with culling and acquiring if possible.

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    Nothing? You guys are tight lipped.


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      Also waiting for the list of target for 2015 but with all the seniors on this forum, and no post for a week, I'm scared to ask where they've gone, cause I'm not ready for the bad news...Claude


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        Still alive Clawed --- just been bizzy --- sorry Tony, no inside info yet on the 2015 target list.--- just hafta stay tuned like the rest a us.


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          Was kind of hoping that R .E. had been preaching about all the benefits of having a Master Pro class, and that he had convinced ASA to the point that Elkie and all those high powered Master Seniors would all go Pro and leave me to be the one of the top ten scores. That's if only nine Master Seniors were left.


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            Nice picture Cloud...your Dad looks quite a bit like you..only younger.

            Oh yeah, the targets...I can report they will be made by McKenzie/Delta.


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              Sure wish one a youse gize would post my picture for me --- that's neat, but I don't know how to do it.

              I agree with you Carlos about Clawed --- this next Winter when he goes to Florida he should visit the Fountain of Youth --- I think its in Lake Okeechobee somewhere !!!