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  • Junior Member???

    I'm wondering how a bunch of geezers on here qualify as "JUNIOR" members.
    I'm not a junior, cause my dad didn't share my first about the rest of you?
    Are we being denied our rightful place in the hierarchy of renowned archers by being classified as JUNIORS? Has the time arrived that we should be recognized for our monumental achievements and have the title "SENIOR" bestowed upon us?
    Stand up and be counted.

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    I was a Hero member before the great crash.


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      On here ya gotta earn yer status, which we all lost when the bubble broke, and had to start over again. Ya just gotta post more often, because your status is determined by your post count. I have no idea what the magic number is to be classidied a "senior" --- hope all the geezers make it, since we all have one foot in the grave, and the other one on a banana peelin.


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        Probably the only accomplishment I ever did was live to be old enough to cash in on my Sociable Security and here, rated a Junior.....


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          Hopefully I'll live long enough to see "senior member" --- that is if this thang don't crash again --- I seem to remember 3 past crashes that made me start all over again --- if those wouldn't a happened I might be rated "past dead" by now even though I'm still alive --- gotta think positive ya know ??? !!!