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Metropolis inn complaints!

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  • Metropolis inn complaints!

    We had issues there as well as several other people this year. We had reservations had heard good things about the place from last year. Got there checked in first room only lights that worked were bathroom light and it hadnt been cleaned next one. Well it was pretty dang dirty and dingy. I've stayed in some places that were in need of upgrade but if there clean that's fine with me. The night clerk that checked us in was dealing with other people that had to change rooms for other issues. When I told him we were going some place else he said they were having alot of issues and said he would give a full refund but I would have to come back tomorrow and get the manager to run it thru on computer because he didn't know how to do it. He wrote out that I would get a full refund on my receipt and that they do it that way all the time. When I went back the next morning manager said he was going to charge me for first night and when I showed him receipt he said that guy didn't know what he was doing and I stated well if he didn't you shouldn't have him working here. Well now I have to dispute it with my credit card company even though I have a receipt that states I will get full refund. While I was there with him 2 other people had to switch rooms for other problems. I heard several complaints this weekend about them on the range. One person in my class said there shower didn't work there either and they were quoted 49 a night and when they checked out wanted to pay cash and the guy had already ran it thru on the card and charged 75 a night instead when they told him he said sorry I don't know how to change you will have to wait til Tuesday and call the manager. I'd say they will have to dispute it to. Place was a dump with very poor Customer Service. Chris