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  • Rule on Letting Down

    There's some comments on AT about some people holding up the shooting because of taking too much time on the line and letting down several times.

    I know there's a rule on time, that is the two minute/one minute limit, but there's no rule regarding how many times you can let down. I seem to recall the IBO has a three let down limit, but I don't know if that helps or not. In fact, I don't know if its enforced or not.

    There was one commentor on AT that said he overheard one Open C young gun bragging about letting down six times on one target.

    If excessive let downs are slowing the shoot down, then maybe there's a situation that needs to be addressed. When you have 150+ shooting a class like Open C that might be responsible for why it takes so long to get in 20 targets.

    Something to think about.

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    Doesnt matter....there is a time limit.....if he or she goes over the time limit ...then they are in fault and the group should apply the rule....plain an simple. ..


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      Originally posted by bhtr3d View Post
      Doesnt matter....there is a time limit.....if he or she goes over the time limit ...then they are in fault and the group should apply the rule....plain an simple. ..
      Horse Feathers!!! It is not that plain and simple. We shoot with too many good friends and no one is going to call a guy out for letting down too many times. I think the rules should be obeyed but I'm not going to enforce rules against my friends. And that is plain and simple.


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        Like I said.....the only ones to blame our yourselves.....the rules are I can let down 100times...but you got that 2min first shooter.....1min second.....and the range official are ALWAYS told about group/person that is dog arse dragging.....

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      Me an u phil we r paddling in the same boat


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        OMG! Main complaint about the IBO is not group busting Hey, I don't care how many times someone lets down. If it was on ArcheryTalk take it with a grain of salt...better make that a handful of salt.... And the two minute rule; Time starts when you step to the stake or words of that effect. And it should be for the next to follow, when they step to the stake. If according to some on AT you're almost to be pushing the first shooter out of the way as soon as the arrow is out of the bow. Lord!


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          I let down when I run otta air --- my lung capacity ain't that great, so lotta times I run otta air before the target quits orbiting around my sight pin.


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            OK...moving right along...i guess i'm in Jacoserv and Older's camp...LOL


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              Me for "four" too, cause I forgot ta mention that I also let down when I run otta air, cause I couldn't get my release ta go off --- think they call that TP from too much pressure ---- we should have a built-in pressure relief valve ------- aaaaah, I don't wanna go any futher than that !!!


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                My feeling is that we should all follow the rules pertaining to the time limit, as it is part of the shooting requirements that all shooters are to follow. Like Jaco, Older, Carlosii, and others , I also feel that only if we are slowing down the other groups should we be concerned with reminding shooters in our group of the time limit at the stake. Also, If after a friendly reminder that we seem to be using more than our allowed time at the stake, and if referring the problem to a range official is required, in my opinion the group has then done all that that should be expected of them, and should not then have to listen to any cussing by anyone. Don't think ASA will allow a range official to permit this type of behavior of a shooter, if they are made aware of it. (Just my opinion)