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Oh No! I'm Gonna Get Wet Feet?

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  • Oh No! I'm Gonna Get Wet Feet?

    Wore the mucks to shoot Sunday...brought 'em home and hosed 'em off...set 'em outside to dry and went to town. It rained...came home and poured the water what??? Those mucks got kinda spongy uppers...dang...hope it doesn't rain next sunday so i don't have to wear wet boots...maybe they'll dry by London.

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    Maybe you could set those mucks near your computer, and take advantage of some of the hot air, and I could help by getting Elkhunter wound up.(lol)


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      WOW, there's actually some life left out there --- I was plannin on initiatin a new thread this mornin titled "Armagedin" , and ask the question if I was the only one that survived !!!
      Well, Carlos y'all might as well shoot with wet feet now cause y'all gonna be gettin yer feet wet in London anyway shootin for the first time in the Pro Senior Masters.
      Hey Clawed --- there ain't no hot air nowhere except Kentucky --- its all cool as a cucumber down here in the Deep South thanks ta A/C.--- y'all in Kentucky ain't figgered that out yet what that is and does.--- that's why are computer is "Hot Air Free" !!! Just thought I'd pass on some Suthern Senior Citizen "sage" ta some a y'all northern underlings.


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        Just buy a cheap pair of knee boots. Heck, you need them for in here anyway....I've been thinking hip waders...


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          Does ASA have a rule against shootin' out of a boat?


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            I can thinka 2 ASA shoots I been to, that ya coulda used a boat --- Myrtle Beach, and Gainesville (drag strip shoot site) --- boots wasn't high enuff.