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Cheer up, it could get worse...

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  • Cheer up, it could get worse... I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse.

    Stuck in Branson with a loud grinding noise (brakes maybe?) coming from the rear of the car. This after waking up to a sore throat and cold coming on...can it get worse? Of course...just waiting for the other shoe.

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    You n' yer car musta caught what Older had when he said he "got it" --- one a ma old gurlfirends from back in "74" lives there in Branson--- might look er up, her n' hers got a gas station might be able ta fix ya right up --- well, come ta thinka it, maybe their retired by now --- maybe even planted.

    Oh well, just a idear. Hope yer not gonna be late fer the shoot. N' also hope its just brakes n' not yer rear end.


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      Thursday team shoot=disaster
      Friday team shoot=disaster
      Sunday= improved...rained some but no tornadoes or hail and think I'm getting' it worked out.


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        Well, cough up !!! --- what did ya change on Sunday, that improved yer game--- we all need help ya know n' every little bit helps --- were all earz !!!


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          dear Elkie...i leanrt to aim...before i shoot.

          of course it might have been the thunder boomers that moved me to shoot better...reckon?


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            I would imagine a "bolt in the butt" would truly motivate a person. If that be the case, from now on at all the shoots just pack ya a portable CD player with a tape of a roarin thunderstorm n' play it at every stake.

            "Aim before ya shoot" ??? --- Here I thought ya wasn't supposed to "peek" until just after ya jerked yer release ??? !!! --- GOOD tip !!!


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              Great come back old man, now to figure how to get two Sundays in the same event. I guess I best be working on my game, if I'm to have a chance against all you geezers at London.