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  • New Rule?

    Lots of talk about a new rule about calling arrows. Nothing official yet though.

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    Huh! Don't seem to be a problem for me, just call my arrows out before my shot and you'll be right the majority of the time.


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      Not true Sir shoot at a standard to which I aspire.

      BTW...I wonder if I caught this nasty flu bug ridin' with you in your limo.


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        Might be in reference to the "pro range", because of a big "flap" at the last shoot ???


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          Well, as usual some aren't helping matters. Same pic on AT and Facebook and some stating the arrow (one only) in the target like that which started the flack. I know and you know the same everything for arrow and bonus ring of another target won't exactly match was objected to at the last event. And with all floating around it just wasn't the scored arrow that led to the flack.

          I've followed one of the people involved since I first got back into archery and this is the first I've heard of him coming unhinged, 15 years. Maybe he has, but I ain't heard of it...

          Hope the boys work things out before a rule really is needed.....
          So we now got to group bust by bow manufacturer?


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            There are no new rules for ASA competition. We have a couple of new procedures on the pro range which only affects them.


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              Thanks, Mike. By those rattling of Bow Junky..... Well, rattling says it all.....