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Fletch length... does it make a difference?

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  • Fletch length... does it make a difference?

    I've been shooting 1.5 inch Blazer X Fusion cut. After watching some folks shooting longer, low profile vanes indoors I'm wondering about going to a 2.5 or 3 inch low profile. Any thoughts?

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    I've yet to get involved in the indoor shooting, but form what I've gleaned from numerous hours of memorizing each relevant Acherytalk post, it seems that longer is better. Since you specifically said any thoughts, my only thought on fletching would be to try and not exceed the length of your arrow.


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      Clawed, sorry I can't respond to your friend request on this smart phone.


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        Personally, if I were shooting indoors I would shoot either 4" or 5" feathers with a right helical fletch.

        For 3D, if you are shooting fat shafts, then I would stay away from "low profile" vanes. You need a "high profile" vane such as a full length Blazer to stabilize them. I use a Blazer with a right helical and 3 degree offset.


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          What is this vanes an feather stuff y'all r talking about on the arrow


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            Crepe paper streamers seam to work pretty well, since I can't shoot for chit anyway, and cost less than feathers. Heard since Carlos done took up indoor targets that he has bobbed tailed roosters. Turkey feathers Carlos...Turkey feathers.


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              Replaced the 2 inch blazers on some Victory X Ringers with some Fletch Flex 400's. The FF arrows grouped much tighter than the Blazers at 30 yards.

              The FF are a low profile and measure 4 inches. I think the longer vane directs more air over the vane surface for a longer duration resulting in quicker stabilization.

              I put about 3 degrees of off set on all my arrows. Since the FF is longer at 4 niches I suspect this imparts the spinning action quicker thereby increasing more rapid stabilization.

              Just what I've observed. Anybody else tested this?


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                Fletch length... does it make a difference?

                I never heard of or saw a 1.5 inch Blazer X Fusion cut. Checking my catalog and price sheet just to be sure...3lazer, 3lazer X2, Mini 3lazer, Micro 3lazer. Hey, just copying the catalog, numbler/letter. Bohning typo, maybe...
                Now, it does show 1.5" Shield cut X vane.
                My testing; 1.5" Shield cut X vane wasn't all that forgiving. 1.75" Shield cut X vane proved good and I've stayed with the 1.75". Wanting guidance, go with the 2" Blazer fletched. Recommended is 2 to 3 degrees, but I've went helical and same great accuracy...

                I have one photo of the wall at Vegas in year 2006. Bunches of 2 and 3" vanes and feathers, no long stuff. My scanner has gone on strike, so I can't show it.

                However, bow tuned and you tuned, 1.5" should do the trick....I'd say fletch them helical, but there ain't much there to get a nice helix...spiral. Neither does the 1.75", but better.

                When I shot Field I used 4" AAEs fletched 2 degrees and did outstanding, just got a lot vanes punctured.
                I have also tried the Bohning X vane in 3" parabolic and they proved as good as any vane I've used.

                My bow must be tuned half way decent as I've shot arrows with one vane ripped off on purpose and drilled the X ring at 20 yards plenty of times. This with Blazers, Mini Blazers, X2 Blazers, and the 1.75" shield cuts. I've even fletched the 1.75" Shield cut backwards and still hit the X and as far back as 30 yards. So, yeah, bow tuned and you up to it. I fletch helical for all.

                Now, you all take this with a grain....block of salt cause some on AT say my tuning lacks and lacks severely by at least one and then I use the supposedly the worst glue for fletching, Bohning Platinum.
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                  I right helical fletch offset 3 degrees everything I fletch past few years now --- even tiny Micro Blazers on big fat X-Jammers fer an experiement n' worked out perty good --- shot EVEN with em at the state shoot last summer.


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                    I have been shooting the Fletch Flex FLP 300 vanes the last two years on Line Jammer Pros with great results.

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