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  • Help Me Understand FOC

    OK, I've checked the front of center on three different arrow setups using a Fatboy, a Victory X Ringer and a Deer Crossing Archery (DCA) target shaft.

    For 3D which would represent the best level of FOC:

    Any opinions are welcome.

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    11.8% probably would be best, but I have at times shot a lot less than that with great success. At the moment I don't have a clue what my FOC is --- all I know, or care to know is it is one accurate combination when I see to it that I have my bow tuned properly.. For the distances we shoot 40yds and under I don't really think FOC comes into the equation that much. Bottomline you should look at is "which particular FOC arrow you have groups the best for you at all of the incremental distances you shoot out to 40yds". Now if you were shooting out to 50, 60, 70 meters greater FOC would really enter into the picture.


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      Wow u got a fat boy at11.8 what was the total arrow weight on each shaft an point weight?


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        FITA 11-16%
        3-D Archery 6-12%
        Field Archery 10-15%
        Hunting 10-15%

        Always has irked me is measuring from the bottom of nock groove. The way I have it thought out is if you balance the whole arrow then you should use the full length of nock. It's part of the arrow.
        Two manners; Take your pick. Doesn't make any difference so long as you use the same method each time. You adjust from what you have....
        One, is measuring shaft cut length, bottom of nock to end of shaft, not the insert.
        2nd is measuring from bottom of nock to end of point.

        Me, I measure the full length, tip of point to end of nock. My FOC is mine and I adjust for best results. Presently 6.02% with 80 gr glue-in points and pin nock and bushing and Bohning Shield cut X vanes of 1 3/4" on the back. Bunch of busted nocks and bent pin bushing says it's good enough...


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          I just checked my FOC, and it comes out to 8.95%. My shaft is a 28 5/8" X-Jammer Pro 27 with a 100gr Nockbuster point, 2" full Blazers, Schrew uni-bushing with QAD nock. Imeasured from the front end of the shaft to the bottom of the nock groove. The total weight of my arrow is 351grs.