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Has any one ELSE got there tour guide

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    [QUOTE=Elkhunter;1346]Clawed --- Hopefully with going to 2 shoots I will once again learn what a "yard" is, and what an "animal target" looks like.

    Here's how I remember what a yard is, and it makes it hard for the officials to recognize my stepping of yardage. Using my Geezer 70+ formula, I know that every 2 shuffles and 1 stumble equals 1 yard.
    Do have to be really careful, and make sure to not mistake some of the old geezers for the animals, but the animals don't have oxygen bottles, stumble, fall, stagger, or wear hearing aids.


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      Originally posted by carlosii View Post
      Burning some old Hilton points and staying free at the Hampton in New Port Richey. Where is the Sleep Inn you staying at for Geezer Fest?
      The sleep inn is on the i-75 side and sr 54. Too bad Claude is staying on the wrong wide of the county LOL Too bad for Elk not coming to where everyone going to be......Shoot even Older and his troup are suppose to come make the event

      I think we are going to have even more out of staters shooting than any other qualifier.

      There might even be one of the great old shooters in the geezer class......Mr Gandy


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        Saw there was Indy state qualifier and Carlos didn't go...probably shoveling snow.


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          Originally posted by SonnyThomas View Post
          Saw there was Indy state qualifier and Carlos didn't go...probably shoveling snow.
          Yep, lots of snow...too much snow!


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            Clawed --- there is a shoot at Newberry this Saturday. Go to , and click on "archery", and then click on "3D shoots" for their shoot shcedule, classes, times etc.