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    for people who should never buy green bananas, you geezers should not be talking about a 3d shoot that's 3 months away.


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      At our age buying green bananas in a gamble, as to if we'll get to eat them, but I guess they will be part of the estate.


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        Green ones is the only ones my wife'll buy --- that way they ripen gradually --- if ya buy Wally World yeller bananas they is usualy too soft n' too ripe n' then bingo they is rotten before ya git to eat em --- even thoiugh they gotta TV ad, that says they got the freshest produce in town --- Yeah Right !!! ---- NOT !!! --- n' they letus ain't no better either.

        Maybe the big shoot is 3 months away, but are first 3D shoot for next season is only 2 months away. I was out practicin this morning, and did a lotta arrah dingin --- almost was real expensive. I just started shootin n' already I gotta aim at different dots for each arrah. I'm gittin a month head start this year, so I'll be in Classic condition for Newberry. I just "can't help it", that my bows' got such a Elkie Super Tune ta it --- it's so tuned it just "sings" --- n' "zings" --- it just "can't help it" --- I think that should be everyones theme song for 2014 --- "can't help it" --- n' U started it all Clawed !!!