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Our 2014 plan for the Florida Pro/Am Site in Newberry

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  • Our 2014 plan for the Florida Pro/Am Site in Newberry

    Many of you have raised concerns about the adjacent property in Newberry and how it will affect us in 2014. Basically the 11 ranges we used last year for our competition are all fully in tact will be ready. The area where the practice range was has the large mature trees left, and the area where we shot the LimbSaver has been cleared completely. The property owners of the surrounding property will be in the process of planting new pines on all of the property that has been cleared.

    The plan: To serve our members who want to prepare for the season the practice range will be located adjacent to the water tower where a competition range was located last year. It will be set and available starting Wednesday morning. We will also be offering a “Spring Training” Team Shoot on Thursday at 1:00 PM. To better facilitate the amateur classes during the weekend, we will schedule the pro classes to shoot on Friday afternoon at 1:00pm and Saturday morning at 8:00am. (the Friday Team Shoot will be without the Pro classes.) We will close the practice range at 11:00am on Saturday and put up 20 new targets for a competition range. As of that time the 3-D practice range will no longer be available. The LimbSaver will be in the mature hardwoods that were in the area next to the parking lot where the practice range was last year.

    We feel that this plan will provide everyone with the competition opportunity they expect from ASA and thank you in advance for your understanding and support.


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    Wow mike I will have to save that how did u get that worked out u r the man we think u .I never had a worry I new it would b easy for u to do ha ha " just saying "


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      Sounds good Mike --- you are definetly a "man with a plan" !!!