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Illinois FFA 3D Championship

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  • Illinois FFA 3D Championship

    Once again Black Diamond Archery, Inc. host the Illinois FFA 3D Championship. This is open to only FFA students in high schools state wide.

    I just recieved the results. There were 19 teams, but some schools only had two students compete. So a total 80 students. There were 11 high schools represented, some have 2 teams, one having 3 teams. One high school to be there had bus problems and didn't make it. Team scores and individual scores were honored.

    Entry fee is just $5.00. This all goes towards awards. Black Diamond hosts the Championship free of charge.

    Of note; Time and time again when this Championship is held, before or after, I get calls from high school students. All want to compete, but they are regular students and this isn't our event. Mike Delligatti got this started for FFA students.
    I tell these students either enroll in FFA or approach there teachers or Principal. The want is there and if schools would have archery competition on the scale of ball sports there would be a mountain of students wanting to compete. I don't think it would make any difference whether spots or 3D.

    I spoke with Mike at the end of this Saturday's Championship. I gave suggestions. One I well noted was there are many 3D clubs around and surely they'd be much like Black Diamond, host such events free or work out something with the many high schools. Brought to the school level there'd be too many students competing. 3D clubs can only support so much. ASA club Black Diamond is successful enough to hold such free and maybe there is one or two more. Pekin and maybe Galesburg. All ASA clubs.

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    That's a great thing. I imagine there are a lot of farm boys who deer hunt and shoot archery.