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Teaching an Old Dog new tricks ain't easy.

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  • Teaching an Old Dog new tricks ain't easy.

    Being 71 years old, and with it sounding like shooting back tension being the best thing since sliced bread, and almost everyone who has been shooting since they stopped using flint tipped arrows, telling me I'd really help my score, I decided to try it, and not give up until I had lost what few teeth I had left, or was convinced that those shooters were right. After reading everything I could find, watching videos until my eyes started to cross, and snapping a string across the living room until everyone thought I had really lost it, not knowing they had hid it from me, I figured that blind bale was challenging me. Didn't take long doing that boring task until I was sure I was ready.
    First thing I learned was whatever I do, never forget to draw with that thumb and index finger, and it's going to remind you, better than any drill instructor, the first time you decide to let your thumb and finger remember it on their own.
    Second thing is, until you have more experience than me, don't try to show the grandson, by bending over to let him hear the click . MY mouth is still swollen, but all teeth seem to be there, and the bleeding has stopped.
    Maybe by the end of January I'll be able to come to full draw without the trembling inside. Even though, I can hide it pretty well, I do have a fear that wasn't there before. I sure hope that burned end in that D loop doesn't slip through.
    Think I need a release with a safety? Nah! I'm too hard headed for that.

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    well, since you're already dead set against a hinge release with a safety, i'll not add any advice.
    i'm looking for my old football helmet that has the face guard attached. if i can find it i'll send it to you...should save you a few teeth, you know, the ones that chaw ain't rotted out yet.

    seriously, l have releases with safetys and without them. i think i tend to punch the ones with the safety more than the ones without. the one without the safety has a clicker, which i find helps me keep that thumb and index finger putting the pressure on.

    i don't know if i shoot any better with a BT release, but it does, i think, look cooler.*

    good luck and keep your dentist's number on speed dial.

    *as if there's anything that can help me shoot better


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      "Think I need a release with a safety ?" --- I think you do too !!! --- TOTALLY puts yer mind at ease during the "draw cycle" --- totally puts yer mind at ease during a "let down" --- don't need to wear an "athletic mouthpiece" ---- makes sense ta me !!! --- what more could one ask for ???


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        Teaching an Old Dog new tricks ain't easy.

        I take my teeth out

        No. Seriously, at your young age, I'd stay with something more user friendly. Me do. And I gots them hingie things, mostly Stanislawskis, two and three finger jobs. Mostly gets them out for people to gawk at - like Wow! Man! Those are great!

        Gots them trainer Stans, cross pin thing, where you can set the release to your likin' and not fling arrows into the next county....Well, until you actually shoot. Yeah, the release fires, you can hear it click as in firing, but it won't let the string go. Has saved me looking for few dozen arrows....and so far has kept my store bought chompers intake.

        So I practice a bit with the hinge to improve my use with my thumb release. Actually, the best hinge I have...? That I get along with doesn't have a pulling post, thumb barrel or whatever they call them things. Yep, hang on for dear life with the index finge (keep head out the way), anchor, aim like (can we use that word) and I can do fairly good...on flat ground.

        As you rattled, there are more articles and information relating of the hinge than Carter has pills. ??? Never did understand the Carter pill thing. Evidently Carter made a few pills?

        And then over on AT there's this Thread with numerous pages where the Pros "cheat" the hinge and these are top Pros. Yep, they even chimed in. Now that isn't nice, cheating the hinge, but those guys win doing it.

        Ahhhh, back tension to fire any release. BS! and, yep, you can, but it ain't the same. I got it fingered this way; Latch on to something with your fingers, bow string if you wish. Try drawing and see if your fingers pull off or you clinch your fingers harder to hold on..... Any release with a trigger is going to fire no matter what if you apply drawing or the supposed back tension. It can't be helped as Mommy Nature is at work. You pull and fingers clinch. Fingers/thumb clinch and release fires. So how do you know that you're really using true back tension?

        Tension releases are a bit different animal. Watched this guy pulling his guts out with supposed back tension. Him is wore out after about three shots I asked what release he had and it was one of them new fangled draw and fire jobbies. I then said; "If you're to pull through why are you using back tension?" So he tries pulling through and puts three or four good shots on paper and then one right through the ceiling and out the roof. Muscle kind of guy, he realizes he has to set the release tension a bit harder for the pounds he is drawing. Well, the arrow didn't quite out the roof. About half his arrow is still sticking out the roof. Boss says the arrow has the hole plugged and rain ain't coming in, leave it and it's still there today.

        Nice about working at a archery shop with a indoor range, you can watch all the guys doing everything wrong Yep, stance, anchor, grip, release elbow and all that. And then the good guys come in. You can just watch them only and know their arrow finds the X...or so close the X faints.... I oughts to run these guys off. Dang near fallin' asleep, that relaxed, and shootin' that good. Insurance no good if they're asleep, right?

        ???? Just read this article by the Great Randy Ulmer. He says to use only the hinge and nothing else. So many articles, coaches and all say it takes weeks or months of practice before you are proficent with the hinge. Nothing but a hinge, months? If so, how are we to shoot 3D in the mean time?
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          Sonny, re: Carter's refers to Carter's Little Liver Pills. they would cure any issue associated with the liver. guess you ain't a true geezer after all or you'd have known that.

          i know two t.r.u. ball sweet spot shooters that cheat that one just a bit, right Elkie? use the pinkie...


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            Just a little heads up (duh) but Elkie and Carlos teaching each other the advanced techniques of proper back tension, such as using the pinkie to fire their Sweet Spots, has me wondering if R.E, Jake, Charlie, Robt, Lamar, Terry, Roger, and all those hotshot Master shooters might want to make sure they stay at the top of their game, with those two geezers plotting their secret plans for the 2014 ProAm events.
            Me, my latest brainstorm has me filling my little lube tube, attached to my stool, with Root Growing Hormone to not only lube my arrows, but when they become covered with soil maybe I will be blessed with a new crop of arrows for the year.
            Yep! my farm boy background has me wondering if I should try crossing a Fatboy with a Black Eagle?...Fat Eagle? Yeah!


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              YUPPER >>>----------------> The "pinkie" is the answer --- them 4-spots "rock" --- in fact if TRU Ball made a 5-spot I'd go as far as to try n' float a loan from Carlos ta get another baby finger grafted ta the end a my right hand for even greater, smoother leverage.

              Talking about 2014 --- I got plans already put into action ---- y'all'd swear I live in a science lab, I mean the only thing missin is a buncha beakers --- by the time Newberry gets here the 12's in them targets is gonna plumb skidaddle from the vitals cause they all know there gonna be in fer a poke from my big sharp stick --- my X-Jammers already been nicknamed "12-Jammers", and have paved their way ta glory. Not a day goes by without runnin a new experiment n' I got over 5 monthsa experimentin left ta do yet. When I walk onto the range next Feb. y'all's just gonna tremble with the "fear" ---- so bad one'd think there was a terrible earthquake somewhere nearby. I'm havin visions a shootin (20)12's a day --- won't take long n' y'alls gonna wonder if that young feller Levi snuck onto the Geezers' range warin a "Elkie Mask" --- hey thatsa great idea I shoud have a buncha them made up fer the proams, so I can sell em --- I was always told I was blessed with a vivid imagination --- imagine that ??? !!!


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                Vivid seems kinda lacking....but then when I up and whip ole Levi and just as Mike hands the check I wake up!


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                  Originally posted by Elkhunter View Post
                  YUPPER >>>----------------> The "pinkie" is the answer --- I'm havin visions a shootin (20)12's a day --- won't take long n' y'alls gonna wonder if that young feller Levi snuck onto the Geezers' range warin a "Elkie Mask" --- imagine that ??? !!!
                  A vivid imagination?....20 twelves a day... Imagine that.... Might take a little longer than you think, Elkie. Way I got it figured, in order to shoot 20 twelves a day, you may have to start early, then Valorie could always hold a light for you as you finish up. I'm still trying to make it to 20 twelves in 2013. Think maybe, like with the IRS, I may need an extension.


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                    C. Roberts,
                    Did ya get that Hinge procedure of Padgett's? If not, I have it in my "secret files" and already PMd Carlos a copy.


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                      curious, what release are you shooting, Clawed?


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                        Originally posted by SonnyThomas View Post
                        C. Roberts,
                        Did ya get that Hinge procedure of Padgett's? If not, I have it in my "secret files" and already PMd Carlos a copy.
                        Hey Sonny,
                        Got his hinge procedure, but after his post on AT's 50 yard thread, had to disregard it as not being for me. According to him, if I used his procedure, I would probably only be able to shoot 1 arrow at a time at any target under 50 yards, for fear of shooting the back out of my arrows. Retrieving arrows at 60 yards and beyond is a lot of walking for an old man, so thought i'd best stay away from getting that good, in order to still maintain my friendship with Carlosii and Elkhunter.

                        I'm shooting a Tru Ball Three Finger, but am thinking of inserting a long screw into the end of it in order to use my pinkie, like you and Elkie.


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                          Hey Clawed --- a TRU Ball "3-fingered what" ??? ---- They make about as many 3-fingered releases, as Carters little pills in one bottle.


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                            Originally posted by Elkhunter View Post
                            Hey Clawed --- a TRU Ball "3-fingered what" ??? ---- They make about as many 3-fingered releases, as Carters little pills in one bottle.

                            I'm betting an HT...


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                              The suspense is building --- Clawed --- where are you ??? ---- we need to know what you have, or we won't sleep all night !!!