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Florida old ASA Director..and welcome New Director

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  • Florida old ASA Director..and welcome New Director

    Good morning everyone. I would like to let everyone know that I have retired as the, ASA director of Florida. I have been the state director since 1998 and over the course of time, I have seen how much we have grown, and brought the sport to new and greater heights.

    I will still be around shooting and giving some insight into some ideas for more advancements in the sport.

    I would also like to thank ASA for all they have done for me, and I am deeply and greatfully thankful.
    Mike, Lorriane, Jenny, Jackie, Dee, Marcia, this along with all those affilated with ASA.

    I would like for you all know that new Florida director is Mike Lundeen. Mike has been one of my area reps here in Florida, and I know he will be a great new additon to the ASA team.

    So, please welcome him and let's make ASA show it's the SHOOTERS CHOICE.

    Thank you.
    Timothy J. Wanat
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    good job well done, what happens to Geezer Fest 2014? are you going on tour with the Chippendales, is that why you're jumping overboard? or are there other, more mysterious reasons?

    (ah ha! the plot thickens...dr. watson and i have picked up the scent and i think we're on to something....stay tuned.)

    again, you've done so much for ASA and i for one thank you.


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      GeezerFest will still be going on.....I am gunna try to get some of them Georgians to come down...RE/Ken/ name a few.... I'll have those details worked out later into the year though...that is a stay tune for updates. ...

      To the other....there is no scent to pick up on....and that is even no B/S'in scent


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        Tim you have done a superb job for all of these years. I look forward to doing my best to fill your shoes. Thanks for all you have done and I know you will continue to do for the sport of archery. The state of Florida is a better place for archery because of you.


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          Thank you Tim, and welcome aboard Mikie !!!


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            Thanks Elkie!


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              Thanks for all you have done for ASA. You've been here from the start and provided all of us with a wealth of insight and institutional knowledge that is essential to an organization like ASA. Our growth has been because of members like you who have given selflessly over the years. Thank you.