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  • Illinois State Championship

    Disregard. Found issue with Facebook. Blank spots. Waited out for 10 minutes to get Done at the bottom. My computer and Facebook does not get along. Down in the valley, no cable, no wirless, and no Satilite. Dial up for you.
    Last edited by SonnyThomas; 07-25-2013, 10:23 PM.

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    I hear ya Sonny --- we don't belong to none a that fancy Facebook, or Tweeter thangs, and are also on "High-Performance Dial-Up" where ya almost gotta shave in between postings --- I'd be better off growin a beard !!!


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      And if your phone is goofy you'll get goofy. Now, this isn't really bad, the telephone pole across the creek was found leaning and the telephone line laying on my garage roof. Next, we had some interference with a connection box for the garage phone and they found a bad wire down the road. I explained to the repairman of the main telephone line laying on top the ground coming down here in Proverty Valley. So I had to show him. And there's probably 75 yards of it exposed.
      So if the static gets too bad before repairs are complete, the repairman leaves this one box open and shows me what switch to hit so to boost or reset something.


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        WOW --- y'all got "repairmen" where y'all live ??? --- You don't know how lucky you are --- they ain't been able ta find are house yet even with their fancy GPS thingies !!!


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          GPS thingies? Oh, them things that find you where you should be. Still using pencil and paper here; Square root of (X squared plus Y squared) times 2 = You are here