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ASA Classic --- Who All is Going ??? --- Got a Stake Yet ???

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  • ASA Classic --- Who All is Going ??? --- Got a Stake Yet ???

    Times a runnin out folks, almost time ta start warmin up yer rig ta head fer Cullman --- whose all goin n' do ya know yer steak yet ???

    After the Georgia State Shoot this past weekend I AM FIRED UP !!! Them new 12-seekin arrahs I made up really found there home with (10)12's otta (30) targets. It was a fearce battle, and there was 7 otta are top shooters there, and Older (younger than me)only beat me out by 2pts.

    We gonna hafta leave a lil earliern normal cause gotta make a deture ta CLAWEDs' farm ta pick up some a his fresh brewed dark choclate that I promised all the princesses in the ASA trailer. I'll make sure I keep it on ice, so it don't turn into a choclate shake. I did a search on dark choclate, and found out the "Gernsie Brand" is the best, so that's what I custom ordered from CLAWED.

    Well, good luck to tall, and have a safe trip without falling !!!

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    Well, I know my steak is best when its medium raw......but for my stake i think i'll start on #1 sounds like a good place to set up camp.

    Congrats to your shooting this past weekend.......You should come down to the daytona beaches...and shoot where the top shooters in the south shoot at ...Florida....a lot of the top shooters in ASA are in this state


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      Ok....I think there is glitch in the asa computer. ...I got my card 10....what's up with that


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        Originally posted by bhtr3d View Post
        Ok....I think there is glitch in the asa computer. ...I got my card 10....what's up with that
        maybe somebody up there doesn't like you...


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          Their playing head games with him --- trying to sike him out.


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            Maybe, i'll just take a black pen and turn that 0 into an 8 so its now target 18 lol


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              I'll be starting on stake #17 instead of my usual #18 stake. Guess they wanted me back there so I could pick up all of Elkie's lost arrows that he leaves sticking trees, or scattered around his targets. Hard for him to see those lost arrows, with those new spectacles of his.


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                As usual I'm keepin y'all hangin by yer spenders til we get their and buy are pole position. We usually hit up the trailer on Thursday morning early before they get to busy.

                Hey CLAWED --- I think I'll bring are 2 cats with me on the range "Bow" and "Arrow", and let them fetch them lost arrahs. I got my arrahs micro-chipped, n' they got a "Tom Tom" mounted on there nose. What time Monday mornin will ya have that fresh batch a Gernsie dark choclate whipped up for me ta pick up n' bring fer all the perty gals in the trailer ???

                We gonna pull inta camp in Cullman fer Monday night, veg out Tuesday, and then hammer 12's Wednesday after noon on the practice range.


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                  i guess they finally figured out i wasn't cut out for 18 or 19 or even 17...they have banished me to 15. btw, what's up with putting the geezers on L and K...we're always on G and H...perhaps they think by making this change we'll get forever.


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                    Oh Oh !!! --- Carlossi has been put into "exile" --- he musta been a bad boy somewhere along the line. Sounds like are class will be a record turnout, and they needed more steaks ta feed the shooters ??? That sure is a major blow to the Dynamic Duo --- is it the first time, that CLAWED and Carlossi been seperated --- what will they do without each other ??? --- Let the "drama drums" roll !!!

                    They probably changed are ranges, cause are scores were too good on the old ones. "L" and "K" sounds like they are further back into the forest --- one might need to spray down with "Deep Woods Off" --- the skeeters back there probly never saw a human before ???

                    Oh well, things might be more exciting !!!


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                      Just my 2nd time at Cullman this yr gona start on #2....if memory is correct L/K was on down the road last yr ..think my GF shot that last yr in WOB now this yr they are on G/H...looking forward to it